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Rose Quartz Infused Face and Body Soap. *Genuine Rose Quartz* Approx. 4-5 oz

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Rose Quartz infused into a luxurious full body bar and scented with Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil. 


Since I am a big believer in the healing properties physically and spiritually of crystals and stones, I wanted to incorporate them into my soaps. 


I have worked closely with a geologist to develop a soap that contains genuine materials of certain crystals as well as using gem waters that I have created myself. 


By using the indirect method for my gem waters I can infuse the soaps to carry their nurturing properties to your body.


Soaps contain coconut milk  to leave your skin feeling silky smooth while the gem energies connect to your spiritual needs.


Rose Quartz: The premier crystal for healing the Heart Chakra. With its beautiful pink color, it emanates the vibration of love, and can help release traumas that keep the heart blocked and closed. It's especially helpful for healing the inner child, if one has not been nurtured as a child and therefore finds it hard to love themselves and to give love to others. It works gently but powerfully, providing soothing comfort, and assisting one to find and feel inner peace and contentment. Divine unconditional love is only attained through healing and purifying the Heart Chakra, and then that love radiates outward to everyone in which one comes in contact.




    All ingredients are natural, organic and sustainably sourced.

    Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, palm oil and castor oil, coconut milk, rose quartz water, rose quartz crystal, sodium hydroxide (lye), sodium lactate, pink mica powders and white rose fragrance oil. 


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    • Orders may take up to 5 days to produce since they are hand made. If you have any questions about your oder please feel free to contact us.
    • Crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare substitutes.