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Selenite Crystal Body Oils 10ml

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Selenite Infused Roll-On Body and Anointing Oil is created with so much love! Scented with your favorite essential or fragrance oil, crystals and botanicals.


Pictures are: Lavender, Sunflower, White Rose and Patchouli Orange.


The combinations are endless!

Message me to create one specifically for you! 


Selenite Oil

This oil is made for protection and cleansing. Used to anoint candles, doorways and on ones self, use a few drops in your bath water for a pick me up and cleanse, or even just added to the temples or wrist for the carry around protection from others negativity, this oil is a real all around must have oil. 


Selenite is a stone of love. Its properties of mental flexibility and honesty, help maintain a loving relationship comfortably and with ease. It also brings harmony and inner peace which allow for recognizing love and acting in a loving manner. Selenite is used to promote fertility, increase the libido, and is a protector of pregnancy and motherhood. 


Charged under many full moons and supermoons, Reiki healing, Angel blessings and infused with cleansing and protective blessed herbs and minerals such as, white sage, cedar, organic tobacco, rosemary, palo santo, dead sea salt and selenite pieces and powder. 


Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.